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Electro mechanical pinballs or EM pinballs, have captivated and entertained people all around the world for decades. If you are interested in simply playing, collecting or restoring these amazing coin operated arcade machines, this site will be of interest and assistance. My interest in repairing and restoring the older Gottlieb, Williams and Bally EM pinball machines has been a hobby since playing these now classic pinball machines in the late 1970’s.

Numerous pinball titles have been manufactured over the past four decades, some had limited number runs and others thousands. Choosing a title is a personal choice, machines which had a limited run are now rare and very collectable. EM pinball machine manufacture ceased in the late 1970’s, when technology advanced, these were then replaced by the solid state (SS) or electronic versions of today. The older EM pinball machines are becoming harder to find and most are in need repair or restoration. To bring a machine back to its former glory can take numerous hours of work and patience, however very rewarding when the restoration project is complete. My previous and current restorations can be seen on my restorations page.

Browsing through the site you will find EM pinball tips and help, plus images of machines I have restored in the past. Follow my links to pinball animations on You Tube. As time allows I will add more web site content which I believe will be of  assistance to those with the same interest .

Visit the pinball repairs store to view coloured pop bumper protectors - Trim platters, play field protectors, clear vinyl playfield insert leveling discs, score reel decals (score reel stickers) & other pinball restoration products I am working on.

Recently I have added technical animations, my translight making process, tips to build a Wedgehead backbox and a gallery of  EM pinballs which were imported to Australia.

Send an email if you need any help or advice on a old EM machine which is in need of repair .

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Always take photos of the machine both inside and outside the cabinet before the restoration, you may need them later. EM pinball machine cabinets I work on are now 30-40 years old and have taken a beating in their commercial life. The cabinet timber exterior and back boxes in most cases will be dented, chipped, or the ply laminate peeling away. I have built new cabinets and back boxes (earlier wedge head versions) for machines where the cabinet is beyond repair. The cabinet graphics in most cases will be scratched or faded and have been touched up or altered. Back glasses may also be faded, flaking and in need of repair.

Some collectors of these machines prefer to leave the cabinet graphics in an untouched, original condition. This preference is up to the individual, however many machines of this era will need cabinet work to bring them back to their former glory to have them displayed and played in the family games or rumpus rooms.

When it comes to restoring a back glass many hours are required to redraw an original glass. I have recently invested in a wide format printer which enables me to print onto translight material. A printer of this capacity opens up a whole new world for pinball restorations.


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Previous restorations

Gottlieb ‘Profootball’ 1973

Gottlieb ‘Top Score’ 1975

Gottlieb ’Card Whiz’ 1976

Gottlieb ‘Golden Arrow’ 1977

Free EM Pinball Icon - .ZIP

Shop for adhesive vinyl products to complete your EM pinball restoration. You will find play field repair discs, pop bumper protectors or trim platters, custom cut insert masks, score reel decals and more. Custom vinyl products can be designed and machine cut on request.

Visit the ‘Tips and Help’ page to view Electro Mechanical pinball technical animations. Flipper operation, bumper operation, score motor operation and more.

Plans are to add more EM technical content  when time allows.

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Pinside is a very popular overseas pinball forum. The below link gives very valuable information on the basics of electro mechanical pinball machine operation. This thread is very well presented by the author.


Artwork Repair - Backglass